Imagine this...

You just had a nourishing dinner filled with laughter & soul expanding conversations with your new sisters who you just met the day before. You kinda can’t believe the connection you already have, but of course they get you and see you because just like you, they knew they were meant to be here.

You step outside and gaze up at the stars feeling the cosmic energy sink deeper into heart, suddenly there’s a soft summer breeze kissing your skin, and you smile, this is it, you remember that life gets to be this good, there’s no force or pretending to be anyone you aren’t, you feel your body soften as you remember that’s it’s safe to show up exactly as you are. Heck, all of you is celebrated here, and after all those years of pleasing others & playing a “role” you recognize the only pleasing you have to do is for yourself.

Your heart is full and ready after a fun and creative day filled with intentional workshops that have ignited a new flame of knowing inside of you.

You begin to move and connect deeper into your womb as the music penetrates through each cell of your body, your hips sway as if they created this beat, your smile illuminates the space and as your body continues to move you feel your sisters presence around you, moving with you, co-creating a new frequency, mirroring your movements, cheering you on, seeing all parts of you.

Your heart knows this is what true sisterhood feels like. It’s safe, it’s supportive, it’s raw, it’s inspiring, it could be triggering, but deep down you know that trigger is actually an opportunity to rise up and see what could still need some love and compassion within you. When you remember it’s all within you, your body softens, the compassion and judgement melt away as you know there is more then enough for all, especially for sisters who are in alignment with their soul purpose.

You are officially invited to the first...

Sacred Sisterhood Summer Retreat

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On this juicy & playful weekend retreat to help you:

Redefine your relationship with women. Get ready to explore and alchemize the sister wound through heart opening offerings & thoughtful exercises that show you what’s possible

Ignite your feminine essence by exploring movement, meditation & music. Supporting you while dropping into the depths of your womb & all that it wants to share with you

Bring back the childhood energy of play & deeply celebrate all of yourself without hiding or feeling shame. All versions of you are welcomed at this retreat, get ready to express yourself like never before

Invite in ancestral healing to recode the past to support all future generations, feel the journey of your ancestors, clear what is ready to be released & begin to set the new blueprint for all future versions of yourself

Commencing early afternoon on Friday - Ending at lunchtime on Sunday.
Specific details will be shared closer to the event!

What is Included?

Quaint accommodations (shared rooms, everyone will have their own bed). Sauna, hot tub & salt-water pool on sight.
After your spot is claimed - we will reach out to you with room options.

Six nourishing meals from our private chef (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch)

Workshops, events and daily classes to activate & expand you. Get ready to reset your nervous system & get super clear in showing up as the most authentic expression of your soul. Play with your feminine essence & allow her to remind you of what’s possible

Juicy swag bag with tools to support you in anchoring in the retreat magic once you head home

Retreat support/packing guides, trip planning, & any other questions!

One month before the retreat, you will have access to a private WhatsApp group to connect & get to know your sisters!

Sign Me Up!

Hello beautiful sister reading this

My name is Ashleigh! If we haven’t met yet, welcome, know that you are celebrate by simply reading this!

I am a crystal priestess and been a movement & meditation guide, light leader & intuitive energy healer for over 11 years - officially, but really I’ve been doing this work for many lifetimes before this. My gut feeling is if you are here, you have that connection & inner gifts ready to be expressed, and I can’t wait to support you in fully activating them!

My wish for you & this retreat is that you say yes from a place of knowing. Knowing you are meant to be here, trusting the call, your intuition and the guidance that you in fact found this page, & of course - everything is always happening for YOU.

Two years ago I was in place where I was disconnected from where I wanted to go next, it felt a little off that I had been leading these incredible yoga retreats and adventures yet I never had the “time” or “money” to fully invest in something like that for myself. Hard truth, there’s never going to be a perfect time to do these things, life is truly always happening, and when you can see that & trust yourself to follow your yes, that’s when the magic begins to unfold, as it did for me.

Eventually the call was so loud, I knew I had no other option but beginning to trust myself, and also giving myself permission to keep growing and learning, even if it didn’t understand the "why" behind it yet.

Since then I’ve been quantum leaping in my business, in life and also through my own healing journey. My appetite for more experiences and learning has gotten bigger & bigger - through following my yes….it has allowed me to live, create & guide from my most authentic & embodied self.

We you remember there is no need to look around or outsource, and you have everything within you, your essence lights up & begins to illuminate the path within.

This retreat is one of a kind, just like you, it’s not replicated, it’s actually raising the bar to what is possible when women come together ready to go all in on themselves.

I already know the time is now, if you feel this way too, I will see you inside the Sacred Sisterhood Retreat!

Love, light & abundance

Flying In: The closest airport to is the Billy Bishop Regional Airport (CYVV) in Owen Sound, which is an approximately 45-minute drive. Another option is the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CYLS) in Barrie, which is about a 50-minute drive from Creemore.

Wanting to Visit our Crystal Sanctuary? You have the option of flying into Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Mississauga, which is only a 20 minute drive from us!
Also only a 75 minute drive from our retreat home!

There are multiple reliable companies in the area to rent a car or taxi services to the retreat house. Our team will assist you with renting the same transportation back to the airport.

Driving In: Feel free to drive your own vehicle to the retreat - parking is available.
The address to the retreat house will be provided closer to the retreat date!
Our team will be happy to assist you with all of your travel needs.

This is a non refundable event, if certain circumstances affect you being able to attend (illness, injury, urgent matter, etc) it will be up to your host to transfer your payment to another event.
Payment plans available upon request.