Charging Your Crystals

Selenite: Place your crystal on a selenite plate or in a selenite bowl for a quick charge anytime
Moonlight: Leave your crystal underneath the moon to charge overnight, harness the energy of
full or new moons for extra power
Sunlight: Good for charging crystals for shorter periods of time.
Be mindful, not all crystals are sun-safe!

Cleansing Your Crystals

Sage & Palo Santo: Hold the crystal under the smoke
Sound: Place crystals around your singing bowls, chimes, etc
Visualization: Hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes & visualize white or golden lights
surrounding/cleansing it
Water: Washing over your crystals to purify & cleanse.
Be mindful, not all crystals are water-safe! Scroll down to see our list of water-safe crystals!

Programming Your Crystals

Hold your crystals, cupping them with both hands. Close your eyes, visualize white light around
it & say "I command this 'rose quartz' crystal to hold the intention of 'balance' (or whatever you
want it to be)"
. Finish by saying thank you three times.

De-Programming Your Crystals

Follow the same steps as programming your crystals, instead say "Thank you 'rose quartz' for
holding the intention of 'balance'. You are now de-programmed"

Please remember that these are guidelines & suggestions
from us. Tune into your inner teacher & trust how you're
meant to explore your crystals.