Ashleigh got first introduced to crystals in 2012 when completing her yoga teacher training. As a young child she was always into rocks, shells & anything at the beach she could find to take home & admire.

When a friend suggested she do a crystal healing certification -  everything began to bloom from there! As she was seeing clients, she would give her crystals to them to take home. Eventually, clients started asking if she could intuitively shop for them!

As Ashleigh explored the magic of crystals more and more, there was a desire to start selling more crystals & really create a brand that brought together like-minded souls. Sacred Soulful Shop was officially birthed in 2021!

With the help & support of Ashleigh’s partner David, who was always helping out behind the scenes. With the growth of Sacred Soulful Shop, so did David's passion for crystals- and now has been helping out in all aspects of the business. 

At Sacred Soulful Shop, the mission is to provide consciously sourced crystals that are high vibes and full of love at reasonable prices.

Education and empowerment is also a strong foundation Ashleigh & David continue to build. From free masterclasses and workshops on crystals, chakras, mindfulness, meditation and more, they want to show every soul that a they have the power and capacity to tune in and turn up their own magic each and every day. 

When they aren’t selling crystals or teaching yoga you will find Ashleigh & David spending time with their two fur babies Charlie & Riley, travelling to new places, spending time with family or outside in nature. 

Welcome home soul fam, we welcome you with open arms - exactly as you are.