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Authentically Aligned

Authentically Aligned

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New Year - Same Fabulous You

A 4-hour virtual immersion to re-align, remember & dream really fucking BIG!

Authentically Aligned has been created from a place in my heart that is so steady and content with all that is meant to be. During our time together I am committed to helping you re-align with your deepest dreams & desires you have been sweeping under the rug.

I want to help you remember that YOU have and are everything YOU need and more. I  look forwards to helping you explore your breath, your movement, and your heart.

The Menu 

2023 Energy Update - get the cheat codes of important energy days throughout the year and show up equipped, aligned, and open for anything that comes your way 

Meditation - slow down to reflect and honor the past year 

Movement - melt into your body with a slow & spicy flow to lean into all your body craves 

Envision - journal, intentions, and create your rituals that feel authentic to you that will help amplify your energy and remind you of your devotion practice to yourself 

Rest & Reset - rest & let the magic marinate - be guided through a restorative yoga practice with crystal healing 

Serve & Share - you may feel called to amplify your voice and step into your power with the option to share any nuggets of wisdom that came through for you (there is never any pressure to share, what happens at Authentically Aligned, stays in Authentically Aligned)


After our day together is finished you will receive a 20min guided visualization in your inboxes with some juicy playwork "homework" which will also support your continued expansion!

Where & When We Will Come Together 

Sunday, January 15th, 1pm-5pm EST via Zoom 

*Your experience will be recorded so you will be able to download it and have lifetime access*

Meet Your Guides

Ashleigh @ashleighanneirwin

Hi, I’m your guide Ashleigh. I have been teaching yoga, and meditation and sharing my gifts through energy healing for over 12 years. I am super passionate about supporting women reclaim their inner power and harness their intuition to live & create their most aligned soul-led life. There have been a few moments in my life that have pushed me to my edge where I even questioned my existence on this earth.  When I found yoga my life changed, the last 12 years have flown by and have been the most expansive I have ever experienced. Through inner child healing, clearing & finding closure from an abusive relationship, exploring plant medicine to help in the remembrance of who I’ve always been. The biggest journey lately has been creating a nurturing relationship between my physical self and the portal within my heart, where my intuition lives. I am so looking forward to sharing my passion with each and every soul who screams YES to this special experience. You don’t have to do life alone, I got you sister. 

Vika @vikabradford

I'm Vika Bradford, a Karmic Astrologist, Karmic Healer & Cosmic Guide. I work with souls who are ready to heal their karmic wounds, understand their past life energies, and begin to step into their power in this life. I work with souls who are here to heal ancestral karma and transmute their wounds into magic. I aid souls who are looking to embody their cosmic signature and transform their souls through astrology, embodiment, and energy work. It is my honour to help you find clarity around your purpose and begin to embody it here and right now, by breaking out of the old ways of living. I hold space and offer guidance to help you discover your purpose and what has been holding you back from following your truth path in this life, through soul medicines to truly heal and live in deeper soul alignment.


Together we will be diving into the energetics of 2023 and how you can use the potent transformative energies this year to radically change your life, surrender, and live in deeper cosmic alignment with the universe. My intention is to help you find peace within in chaos by living in greater connection with the stars and the universe by showing you that you are the cosmos expressing itself. We will dive deep into the life, death, life process, soul healing, and a deep dive into finding your unique and authentic rhythms.

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