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Crystal Pendulums

Crystal Pendulums

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The pendulum is a simple, yet powerful divination tool. It can be made with a crystal on a chain or a pendant on a necklace.

Each pendulum connects directly with your energy. It is a portal to the highest self, creating a bridge between the logical & intuitive parts of the mind.

  1. Choose one that truly resonates. Feel the energy of each pendulum, & pay attention to what speaks to you.
  2. Always use your dominant hand. Hold the end of the chain comfortably between your pointer finger & thumb. Your grip should be relaxed & the pendulum should hang without tension.
  3. Ground & center yourself before beginning. Find a quiet place free from distractions & take a few minutes to meditate or practice breathwork.
  4. Work with your pendulum every day - even just a few minutes if your schedule is tight. This increases the bond you have with your pendulum & allows communication to flow more easily.


- Provides protection, enhances meditation & increases intuition

Clear Quartz

- Ideal for meditation and spiritual healing as it amplifies the flow of energy within the body

Rose Quartz

- Deep cleanses the soul & helps with connecting to your higher self 


- Attracts prosperity, balances emotions & helps with a clear mind




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