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Curvy Goddess Bodies (mini)

Curvy Goddess Bodies (mini)

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Moss Agate

- Helps you attract abundance & new bonds of friendship and love

- The grounding energies will help to maintain your connection to Mother Gaia. Helping your plants to flourish, bringing a desire to spend your days outdoors & basking in the natural beauty that's everywhere

- Connects with the Heart & Solar Plexus Chakras

Clear Quartz

- The “Master Healer” Crystal

- Brings harmony, balance, clarity & calmness in times of stress

- Connects with your Crown Chakra

Fire Quartz 

Also known as Hematite Quartz

- The mix of the Hematites' balance & stability along with the Quartz's amplification properties brings a beautiful clarity and sense of groundedness

- Connects with the Crown Chakra

Rose Quartz

The ultimate love stone - promotes love within yourself & others

- Promotes deep inner healing, peace & tranquility

- Connects with the Heart Chakra

White Howlite

- Can help insomnia & calming an overactive mind - promoting restful sleep

- Receive wisdom and attunement from your higher self & guides

- Connects to the Third Eye Chakra


- Stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown & opening to new ideas and adventures

- Helps to heal ancient & generational traumas

- Connects with the Root Chakra

Approximately 4cm in Height

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