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Gem Carvings

Gem Carvings

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Intuitively-Picked for You

High-Clarity Gem Carvings

Smoky Quartz

Stone of Power

Connects with the Root Chakra

-Enhances intuition

-Dispels nightmares

Rose Quartz

The Ultimate Love Stone

Connects with the Heart Chakra

- Promotes love within yourself & others

- Encourages self-forgiveness & acceptance of one's self


Stone of Peace

Connects with the Heart, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

- Assists in remembering and decoding dreams

- Offers a deeper connection to spiritual awareness

Fire Quartz

Stone of Wise Leadership

Connects with your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras

- Promotes positivity, radiates warmth & joy just like the sun's rays

- Helps to manifest your creative desires

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