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Green Quartz x Flower Agate Slabs

Green Quartz x Flower Agate Slabs

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Green Quartz

Stone of Harmony

Connects with our Heart Chakra

- Awakens love, empathy & compassion. Boosting connection with others.

- Thought to ease digestive problems & nausea. Boosts immunity & offers deep, whole-body cleansing.

- In meditation, it can be used to magnify spiritual communication.

Flower Agate

The Entrepreneurial Stone - "Get-Stuff-Done" Stone

Bridges the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting your Heart & Root Chakras together

- Helps you reach your highest potential; protecting you from fears & self-doubt

- Inspires you to manifest and nurture your dreams 

- Carries a divine feminine vibration that is creative & nurturing.

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