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Mini Goddess Bodies

Mini Goddess Bodies

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-Stone of Transformation

- Calms an overactive mind & strengthens intuition, to help reveal the truth behind the illusion

Strawberry Quartz

- Has the ability to bring energies of universal love into your life

- Will allow you to understand the meaning behind your existence

Clear Quartz

- The “Master Healer” Crystal

- Can relieve its bearer’s mental health from stress, anxiety, and depression

Rose Quartz

The ultimate love stone - promotes love within yourself & others

- Encourages self-forgiveness & acceptance of one's self 

Black Obsidian

- Ultimate protective stone, dissolving emotional blockages & ancient traumas

- Helps to bring truth to the surface, remove blockages & shatter illusions

Silver Sheen Obsidian

- Connects with the energy of Mama Gaia & the intelligence of the spiritual realm.

- Shamanic Practitioners in early civilizations believed that the lustre of silver shine obsidian could be a portal between our physical realm & the realm of our spirit guides.

Flower Agate

- The "Get-Stuff-Done" Stone

- Provides support in finding emotional balance, emotional recovery & moving forwards in life with grace and confidence

Approximately 4cm in height

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