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Mythos Tarot

Mythos Tarot

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Guidance from the Greek Gods
Travel under the shadow of Olympus & walk your personal Odyssey through traditional tarot.

The dust from ancient footsteps never settles. The swirling prints that the Olympians fashioned are still imprinted on the earth today.

Now you can find your own path from the roads they carved out. Ancient Archetypes of Greek Mythology paired with traditional tarot help the contemporary spirit to guide its way to a deeper understanding with the divine messages and meanings imbued in each card. This cartomancy scaffold is as deep as your desire and provides a psychological skeleton to help witness the inner reflections of the spirit. 

This tarot deck that combines both the traditional meaning of the tarot with insights and information about various Gods within Greek Mythology. Each god is paired with a card based on historical myths and representations. Draw on the depth of each card to map out meaning using timeless tools. 

Created by: Helena Elias

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