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Tumble Sachets

Tumble Sachets

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Smokey Amazonite 

20-28 XS Tumbles

- Radiates soothing energies that deepen your compassion for self & others

- Helps in seeing both sides of a situation & better communicate with other points of view

- Assist us with healing emotional trauma, and releasing worries & fear.

- Connects with the Heart & Throat Chakras

Rainbow Moonstone

20-28 XS Tumbles

 - The stone of “new beginnings” perfect for supporting inner growth & inner strength

- Promotes inspiration, success, and good fortune in business & in love

- Can aid in helping PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth & breastfeeding

- Connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Blue Apatite 

10-12 Small Tumbles

-Allows you to go deeper in meditation and attune to your own psychic gifts

-Increases motivation

-Draws off the negativity of one's self and others

-Enhances creativity 

-Helps balance and open the throat chakra

Peach Moonstone 

8-12 Small Tumbles

- Stone of New Beginnings - helping to bring new opportunities & good luck

- Stimulates passion, creativity & sensuality

- Brings soothing energies to calm your emotions into a space of peace & harmony

- Connects with the Heart & Sacral Chakras


12-16 Small Tumbles

-A very joyful stone

-Helps open and connect the heart with the mind encouraging communication between the two

-When wearing you are better able to experience and reciprocate love

-Supports in healing heartaches and is great for calming the nerves

-Doused in feminine energy and high vibrations

Lapis Lazuli

10-15 Small Tumbles

Supports anyone ready to step into their power & true authentic self

- Universal symbol of wisdom & truth, beloved by the ancient Egyptians

- Promotes psychic abilities, inner vision & connection to the divine.

- Connects with our Third Eye Chakra

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