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Worry Stone Hearts

Worry Stone Hearts

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Intuitively-Picked for You

Worry Stones have been used for centuries to help calm, soothe & relieve stress and anxiety. Our heart-shaped worry stones fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. Can also act as a meditation aid.


Stone of Transformation - Connects with our Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras


Stone of Compassion -  Connects with our Heart Chakra

Dream Amethyst

Stone of Peace & Tranquility - Connects with our Third Eye & Crown Chakras


The Calming Stone - Connects with our Third Eye & Crown Chakras

Clear Quartz

Master Healer Stone - Connects with All Chakras

Ruby in Zoisite

Stone of Vitality - Connects with our Root, Heart, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

Tiger's Eye

Stone of Courage - Connects with our Root & Sacral Chakras 

Red Jasper

Stone of Endurance - Connects with our Root & Sacral Chakras

Green Aventurine

Stone of Prosperity - Connects with our Heart Chakra


Stone of Vision - Connects with our Third Eye & Heart Chakras

Ocean Jasper

Stone of Renewal - Connects with our Throat, Heart & Solar Plexus Chakras

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